John Newton

Yeesssss. An example of genuine saving faith.

Interesting Facts April 5, 2010

– In 1754, John Newton experienced an epileptic seizure. This incident was the cause of his leave from his slave trade career.

– John Newton was a personal friend to William Wilberforce, Charles Simeon, Henry Martyn, William Carey, John Wesley, George Whitefield, and many more.

– John Newton transported more than a few shiploads of the 6 million African slaves brought to the Americas in the 18th century when he was a slave-trading captain.

– After retiring from slave trade, John Newton decided to join William Wilberforce in protesting against the African slave trade.

– John Newton was a mentor to William Wilberforce and had a great influence over him, and in the movie, Amazing Grace, he played the mentor of Wilberforce.


2 Responses to “Interesting Facts”

  1. caitzitoo Says:

    It’s kind of hypocritical that he was a captain of the slave trade and then turned against it, but it’s a good thing that it was. The slave trade was just horrible and demeaning. And just plain morally wrong.

    • rachelnanar Says:

      Yes! We feel this way as well! Slave trade is so incredibly demeaning, yet many locals at LIverpool were forced into this, just to have enough money to survive! In our opinion, he wasn’t necessarily hyprocritical because his turning against slave trade was his way of turning against sin and becoming closer to God.
      Thank you for your post!

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